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Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex Fund through Northwest Minnesota Foundation.  Supports acquisitions and maintenance of equipment and facilities and charitable activities at the Lost River Sportsmen Complex

Warroad Warriors Trap Club:  
Clay target shooting is a new sport to the Warroad High School.  It is for both boys and
girls 6th grade through 12th.  Spring Season starts in April and ends in June. Fall Season
Starts in September.  A six week program.  We are asking for donations and sponsorships
for this event to help the shooters lower their cost of ammo, targets, league fees, uniform
etc. The fee for the student could be upwards of $250 without your help.          

The Warroad Warriors Trap Club INC. is a tax exempt 501c3 public charity.

Contact Contact Doug Lindner at 218-689-9100

Game Trail Targets:  $1000:
This trail has been relocated to the east side of the complex and has 13 shooting lanes
designed for .22 caliber firearms.  It has been very successful, especially during the
Annual Kids Event held every fall.  We were using home made targets but with the
increase use of the trail, we need to update the targets.  Your help would be appreciated.

WLRSC General Fund:
We currently have a budget in excess of $12,000 to maintain the complex.  Some of the
expenses are grooming the grounds, insect control, target holders, land lease, insurance,
road maintenance, kids events, This does not include any capital improvements.  Please
consider this fund.  We have several sponsorship levels on our application form if you are
interested in becoming a sponsor.  Memberships help, but only cover approximately 1/3 of
the annual maintenance costs.

You can always contact us for more information or more donation options.

P.O. Box 205
Warroad, MN 56763-0205

Rick Corneliusen- President
Phone: 218-242-2263

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